Expenses to Prepare For When Selling Your Home

Selling your house may cost you more money than you initially think. When coming up with a list price for your home, make sure you take into account all the things you have to spend on when home selling in Prince George so you don’t end up shortchanged.

Here are some of the expenses you have to prepare for when selling your home:

1.Remaining mortgage balance

Unless you have completely paid off your mortgage, you still have to take into consideration your remaining balance. Before closing the sale, deal with your mortgage lender and calculate the cost of your remaining mortgage and be aware of any fees or costs incurred with the closing out of your mortgage.

2.Unpaid lien

Lien is the amount of money you owe your lender. The lender technically owns the house until you have paid your loan in full. Other liens could be placed on your home from any past unsettled debt, so make sure you are aware of any outstanding liens placed on your home.

3.Home selling services in Prince George

Selling a house can be difficult without the aid of a good realtor such as Billy O. A realtor will advertise your house and will do the negotiations with the buyer. Some realtors also offer home evaluation services, which you can add to the home selling services in Prince George so you can get the right value for your home prior to coming up with a list price. Ask the realtor how much their commission rate is so you can prepare for this expense after closing the sale.

4.Notary and recording fees.

Once you have paid all debts, you might have to pay for services to record your paid debts. Notary fees should also be expected once you have completed your documents. Title search fees are also needed to make sure you have the right to sell the property.

5.Possible repairs and home inspection fees

Doing home repairs can help with your home’s appraisal value. If your house needs fixing here and there, you might have to spend money to get it in good shape. Some home owners also conduct home inspections to look for potential problems like molds or termites infestation. Having home inspection done before listing your house can actually help sell it faster.


If you plan to clear out your belongings before an open house, staging can help accentuate the full potential of your house. It also entices more buyers and gives them a general idea of how your home will look like with good interior decorating. Staging, however, doesn’t come cheap so you have to decide whether to leave your house empty or stage it.

Home selling in Prince George is just as costly as buying a new home. You have to make sure you are prepared for these costs so you don’t end up selling your house at a value that doesn’t cover all your expenses.